PLAYBACK is a three-minute film shot in one take, which makes the suspense it conjures up all the more impressive. 

When a man's television mysteriously shows him a brutal murder being committed in his building, a scream from the hallway compels him to investigate. What he stumbles upon will change his life forever.  

PLAYBACK combines a John Carpenter type of slasher film with a "Twilight Zone"-like twist.  

I wrote PLAYBACK because I have always been fascinated with the idea of fate. For a time, the idea of predestination would make me really question what I was about to do.  As a filmmaker, I decided I’d take this on and create my own world with new rules. My rules stated that if someone interrupted someone else’s fate, their fates would then swap.

I also was very determined to do the whole film in one take and not because I wanted to have a gimmick. I felt it was crucial to the story. The fact that we never cut away allowed us to create more suspense. It also, subconsciously, makes the audience less aware they are watching a film. This gives the audience a personal experience as if it’s happening to them and that is the ultimate scare.

Currently, I'm in creative development of the feature-length version of PLAYBACK.


Worldfest Houston 2016: Gold Remi Winner  
End of Days Film Festival 2016: Nominated - Best Horror Film and Best Special Effects
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 15: Best Thriller
Terror Film Festival 2015: Nominated - Best Director and Best Cinematography
Maverick Movie Awards 2016: Nomination-Best Special Effects
Zed Fest Film Festival 2016: Semi Finalist


Fandependent Films 2017
Wasteland Film Festival 2017
Nashville Film Festival 2016 (Oscar® Consideration)
St. Louis International Film Festival 2016
Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2016
Terremolinos International Fantastic Film Festival 2016
Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2016
PDXtreme Fest 2016
Zed Fest Film Festival 2016
Maverick Movie Awards 2016
Orlando Film Festival 2016
La Mano Fest 2016
Upstate NY Horror Film Festival 2016
Puerto Rico Horror Film Festival 2016
Northeast Wisconsin Horror Film Festival 2016
Buried Alive Film Festival 2016
Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival 2016
HollyShorts Film Festival 2016
Montelupo Fiorentino International Independent FF 2016
Fantosfreak Film Festival 2016
Red Ditch Halloween Film Festival 2016
Siouxland Film Festival 2016
Cyprus Comic Con Film Festival 2016
Tulsa American Film Festival 2016
Coney Island Film Festival 2016
Scare-A-Con Film Festival 2016
Scream In The Dark Film Festival 2016
Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival 2016
Philip K. Dick Science-Fiction Film Festival 2016
Crypticon Seattle Film Festival 2016
Twister Alley Film Festival 2016
Worldfest Houston Film Festival 2016
End of Days Film Festival 2016
Flickers: Rhode Island International Film Festival 2015
Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2015
Fargo Fantastic Film Festival 15
New York City Horror Film Festival 15
Filmquest 2015
Morbido Film Fest 2015
Fright Night Film Fest 2015
Freak Show Horror Film Festival 2015
Rue Morgue & Unstable Grounds' Little Terrors Short Film Festival 2015
Sidewalk Film Festival 2015
Terror Film Festival 2015
Big Apple Film Festival 2015
UK's One Shot Movie Competition 2015
Long Island International Film Expo 2015
Film Shortage 2017
World of Death 2017

"Nathan Cooker is obviously a talented filmmaker who knows how to strike horror with the audience quickly."

"What Playback does very well is capitalize on the fear many of us have while being alone at night... The atmosphere is powerful... The characters are solid...  and with a score that keeps the viewer in the moment."

"If you took The Strangers, House of 1,000 Corpses, Halloween, and Quarantine, rough chopped them, threw them in a bowl, and violently stirred, you’d have a juicy mouthful of the tasty brilliance of Nathan Crooker."

"Single take brilliance...If you dig the thriller-horror genre, then you've hit gold in this short film."

"...deserves a play by horror fans... it's pretty fuckin' cool." 

"Pure joy for slasher horror fans... all in one shot. An excellent 3 minutes' worth of classic horror action with a nice twist – not to mention an ambitious approach to filming with that fluid one-shot take."

"A brilliant achievement in film-making...the tension is ratcheted up to near coronary-inducing levels... As twists go, you WILL NOT see it coming...This captures the essence of Carpenter."

"We have found for you a horror short film clearly inspired Carpenteriana, with a look to the great classics of the tension."

"Be careful when you playback the security camera from your hallway. You might not like what you see."

"This thing has a pretty intense build-up."

"Playback honors John Carpenter and different classics of this genre."  



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